Delete a resource group
  1. Switch the resource group offline:
    clrg offline <resource_group>
  2. List the resources belonging to the resource group:
    clrs status -g <resource_group>
  3. Disable all the resources found using this command for each resource:
    clrs disable <resource>
  4. Delete all resources using this command (for each resource):
    scrgadm -r -j <resource>
  5. Delete the resource group:
    scrgadm -r -g <resource_group>
Move a resource group to another node
clrg switch -n <node> <resource_group>
Remove the 'STOP_FAILED' status of a service
scswitch -c -f STOP_FAILED -h <host> -j <resource>
Show the quorum devices
clquorum show
Show the status of the resources of a specific resource group
clrs status -g <resource_group>